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August 2022
Aug 25 at 12:00am +00:00
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LON Network Issue


Resolved Aug 25 at 11:05pm BST

This appears to be resolved now, we're awaiting RFO from our provider.

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July 2022
Jul 31 at 12:00am +00:00
1 incident

AMS-SSD-VZ2 Downtime


Resolved Jul 31 at 10:02pm BST

The node and VMs have successfully rebooted and we will continue to debug and monitor closely.

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Jul 23 at 12:00am +00:00
1 incident

AMS-SSDVZ-3 Downtime


Resolved Jul 23 at 04:32pm BST

Node has been back up for the last ~40 minutes and all fan checks are now passing. We hope this is now resolved but will keep monitoring closely.

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Jul 13 at 12:00am +00:00
1 incident

London Unscheduled Network Maintenance

Resolved Jul 13 at 01:32am BST

Our provider in UK has performed unscheduled network maintenance resulting in temporary routing issues which should now be resolved.

June 2022
No incidents reported