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ASH>NYCM DC Migration

Jul 23 at 11:00am BST  –  Jul 23 at 06:47pm BST

Jul 23 at 06:47pm BST

We have completed migration ahead of the estimated end time.

As per the notice your IPv4 address remains the same however if you require IPv6, you will need to goto the vz control panel >> network tab and claim a new /64 subnet.

If you notice any issues with your VM please contact support within 72 hours, after this timeframe we will destroy the data from old nodes.

Jul 23 at 05:24pm BST

We have migrated >75% and have successfully re-routed the IPv4 subnets to our new DC. Majority of VMs should now be fully accessible.

There may be some sub-optimal routing whilst our upstream filters update which will resolve itself within 24 hours.

Only VMs still on our old control panel are left to be migrated, this involves upgrading you to our new panel so is taking slightly longer.

Jul 23 at 02:10pm BST

We have completed migration of over 33% of VMs so far, we expect the final 1/3 migration to take slightly longer.

Once we have reached over 51% we will switch the subnets to route over to the new datacenter.

Jul 23 at 11:00am BST

As per the email sent out on 10th July 2023 we are performing migration of our Ashburn customers to a new DC in NYCM which will result in several hours downtime. There are no changes to your IPv4 address and we will attempt to migrate your VM data over.

Est. Start: 11 AM UTC+1
Est. End: 8 PM UTC+1

We hope to complete much sooner.