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NL Migration

Mar 16 at 02:00pm GMT  –  Mar 16 at 05:36pm GMT
Affected services
Amsterdam (NL)

Mar 16 at 05:36pm GMT

We have successfully completed migration, if your VM is not already running please try start it from the control panel or submit a ticket for us to take a look.

Mar 16 at 04:23pm GMT

We continue to move quickly and have completed over 75% of the nodes. We expect to complete all remaining nodes within the next hour.

Mar 16 at 03:28pm GMT

We have began shutting down nodes which will be migrated in batches of 2.

Mar 16 at 02:00pm GMT

Our DC will be relocating our nodes to different rack space within the DC, we expect each server to go offline for approx. 20 minutes.