VA-KVM1 Downtime Saturday 11th May 2019 21:00:00

We are currently looking into an unexpected shutdown on VA-KVM1.

We have replaced the network cable and all VMs should be back online.

If your VM is still in an offline state, please log in to the control panel and ensure you have unmounted any ISOs from the CDROM tab then boot up the VM.

The node is back online without any noticeable damage to client VMs however we are not receiving any response from the NIC so are debugging this now.

Our datacenter is dealing with a cooling issue which we believe has led to problems on this node in particular. At this time we do not have an ETA.

Below is an update from our DC: Please advised that we currently experiencing unplanned cooling event at our IAD4 facility. We currently have technicians onsite currently investigating. We will continue to provide updates until the situation has been resolved.