London DC Migration Monday 7th January 2019 09:10:00

We have began performing clean shutdown on all nodes in preparation for migration.

To save clients time, we have manually checked every KVM VPS which had old OSs mounted and ensured it is booted up.

The migration took slightly longer than anticipated however we are happy to announce all servers are now back up and running without any major issues across the board.

Your VPS should be back online, if you are still down then please contact us for to check. If you have a KVM VPS and your VM is still offline, please ensure you have unmounted any ISOs from CDROM tab then try boot up your VM.

Thank you for your patience and we hope to ramp up our offerings in London in the coming months with our new shared hosting plans coming this month!

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

All servers booted up and running, all VMs up and running. If your VM is still offline please try boot from control panel, you may also contact us.

All servers have been racked and cabled, we are currently debugging some network issue. We hope everything is restored shortly.

Arrived on site and we will begin unpacking & racking

11:20 All servers have been safely packed and are on the way to the new DC.

11:43 Approx 15 mins away due to traffic

Audit complete and we have began deracking servers and will be on the way to our new DC shortly

We are currently on site auditing and preparing de-rack of the servers.