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Los Angeles Downtime

Sep 05 at 12:00am BST
Affected services
Los Angeles (US)

Sep 05 at 04:45am BST

Remaining OpenVZ node is back online and VMs are booting up.

Sep 05 at 03:05am BST

We have been able to restore all KVM nodes however OpenVZ LA-SSDVZ2 still has high temperature warnings.

Our DC provided us the below unfortunate update that is causing these issues:
"We are sorry for the inconvenience but one of our cooling units is down and is being repaired."

Sep 05 at 01:15am BST

We're still awaiting updates from our DC regarding cooling which is not allowing us to keep the server(s) online due to high temperature warnings.

This now affects multiple nodes.

Sep 05 at 12:00am BST

We are currently investigating issues on LA-SSD-VZ2 which has shut down due to high ambient temperatures. The node is currently being rebooted.

We're awaiting updates from our DC.

Currently there is a heatwave in Los Angeles causing sub optimal cooling.